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Using Dynamic Phone Number Display for Conversion Tracking in Google Ads

If you are running Google Ads and aren’t tracking phone conversions well, you might be losing money. Even if you are making money, without proper tracking you won’t know precisely where to increase your ad spend. Google Ads Conversion Tracking Options Many people use one of the following options to track conversions. Google’s Conversion Code. […]

Google Ads for Nonprofits

I want to share with you about a grant that you may or may not be familiar with. It’s a grant given by Google exclusively for nonprofit organizations, and it’s not insignificant. Applying for grants is one of the biggest challenges for nonprofit organizations. I know this because I have served on many nonprofit boards […]

10 Ways Advertisers Lose Money with Google Ads Campaigns

I have had the opportunity to analyze many Google Ads (formerly AdWords) accounts over the years as a digital marketer. Additionally, as a searcher, I have seen bad ad matches based on Google searches I have done while looking for products and services. I have also optimized many AdWords accounts and turned them into profitable […]

Best WordPress Web Hosting Company for 2019

I believe that WordPress is the best platform to build your website on.  Currently, nearly 30% of all websites are built on the WordPress platform, and that includes the full gamut of websites from small business websites to Fortune 500 company websites. Every year, bloggers and consultants rate what they feel at the best WordPress […]

Infinion Marketing wins AZIMA TIM Award for eCommerce Web Design

Local Digital Marketing Agency recognized for expertise in web design by the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association Phoenix, AZ – Infinion Marketing, a Phoenix-based Digital Marketing Agency, was the recent recipient of a TIM Award for eCommerce Web Design by the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA). The company offers a variety of digital marketing services with […]