FREE Google Ads Audit

A Free Google Ads Audit can help you know if you are making the best use of the money you are spending in your Google Ads campaign. Google Ads accounts are relatively easy to set up, and also easy to love money in if you don’t know what you are doing.

We routinely audit Google Ads accounts and will usually find an area in which you can improve or offer up a tactic to test. Once a Google Ads account is optimized, it can be imported into a Bing Ads account is desired.

Our team, which includes several Google Certified Professionals, have been managing and optimizing paid search accounts for well over a decade.

Here are the 4 primary areas of your account that we will assess in our audit:

  • Campaign Performance – We will analyze your use of ad groups, click through rates, historical spend data, and conversions.
  • Campaign Analysis – In this phase, we analyze campaign types, targeting, use of ads, ad extensions, quality score, campaign tracking, and retargeting,
  • Keyword Analysis – Analysis of bid type, use of negative keywords, and missed keyword opportunities.
  • Website Analysis – Having an optimized website is a huge key to success with your Google Ads or other paid search campaign. We will analyze the website including landing pages used.

We offer FREE Google Ads on a limited basis. Please complete the form below to schedule a free consultation and see if you qualify for a free PPC Audit.

Please note that ecommerce websites (with greater than 5 products) do not qualify for our free PPC audit due to their complexity and the time required to perform a comprehensive analysis.