Infinion Marketing 2017 Referral Contest = Opportunity to Win Airfare for 2

Hey friends, we have an amazing opportunity for you!

You may not realize, but we have a referral program where we pay referral fees to partners that send us clients when those clients enter into an agreement with us for services. In fact, last year we paid out nearly $3,000 in month alone!

We decided to launch a unique referral contest and open it up to our clients, fans, followers, friends, and anyone else who wants to participate.

Here is how it works. Starting today (July 19, 2017) and through December 31, 2017, anyone who sends us a referral (that turns into a customer) will be awarded a one-year entry into our VIP Digital Marketers Mastermind program, which is essentially a think tank where you can share ideas and also get your questions answered from your colleagues and our team.

In addition to that, we will pay referral fees for any of those referrals that turn into closed business as follows (based on the initial contract value):

• Contracts of up to $1,000 = $50 Gift Card
• $1,001 – $5,000 = $100 Gift Card
• $5,000 & Up = $250 Gift Card

And if that isn’t enough, anyone who sends us 5 or more referrals (that close) before the contest ends will be entered into a drawing for 2 round trip airfare tickets (Max Value $500).*

Need our services for your business? Refer yourself and we will deduct your referral fee from your service agreement and still enter you into the VIP Mastermind program and your entry will count towards your 5 referrals.

Ready? Use our contact form to send us your referrals. We need their name, telephone number, and their email address. And this is a BIG ONE… please make sure to tell them you referred them to us and to expect our call. We don’t like to surprise people because they usually don’t respond well if they aren’t expecting a call.

Click here for contest rules.

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Anthony Kirlew is the Chief Marketing Officer at Infinion Marketing. He has nearly two decades of experience in the field of digital marketing. He launched his first SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Firm in 1999, and has worked with some of the largest brands online including The Knot and iUniverse.com. His resume includes founding several online businesses, as well as leading business development efforts for the Search Marketing Division of Web.com. He is a frequent guest blogger, speaker and author on topics related to Digital Marketing, social media, and website best practices.

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