Local Search

Whether you run a small local business or a national brand, there are likely prospective customers searching locally for your products or services. Industry statistics put local search numbers at over 2 BILLION per month and included in that figure are people searching for businesses just like yours.

There are essentially 6 ways to leverage the search engine for local traffic:

  1. Map Based Local Search. Have you ever done a search for a local business and seen a map appear with business listings around it? This is one form of local search, where Google, Yahoo, and Bing serve up map based search results. If you do a search for your business type and your city, does your business show up? If not, we can help you get listed.
  2. City Guides & Local Directories. Is your business listed in local business guides such as Merchant Circle, Yellow Book, and CitySearch? We have a simple solution to get you listed in over 60 local city guides affordably.
  3. Mobile Search. If someone does a search from their mobile phone, smartphone, OnStar, or other GPS search network, could they find your business? Our local business listing service includes listing your business in mobile search directories as well as local city guides – all for one low price.
  4. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Does your website come up on the first page of the main search results in Google? If it did, do you know how much more business you would have? (We can help you find this number.) Ask about our affordable local SEO services designed to help you generate business and turn a profit.
  5. Paid Search. Did you know that with a paid search campaign you could start to get new customers within 48 hours of your campaign launching?
  6. Social Media. Much of today’s social media profiles now enhance your ability to be found locally, while allowing your fans and followers to help promote your business to their friends. If you are not engaged on locally based social media marketing, you are likely missing out on opportunities to connect with new prospects for your business.

Local search engine marketing does not have to be expensive to be effective.

Contact us today at 602-633-5110 or info(at)infinionmarketing.com to learn how to connect with those searching locally and find your competitors.