Looking for Work?

We try to not be so stuffy and pondered whether or not we were offering “jobs” or “careers” but in the end, we decided, we’ve got work and people can choose whether it’s a job for the time being or if they want to make it a career. We don’t plan on going anywhere, so if you are looking for a career, bring on the awesomeness. If you are looking for a job, that’s ok too. We can use great talent even if it is just for a season.

Another thing that makes us unique is that we don’t really care if you have a side business or another job as long as you take good care of our customers when you work for us. We employ the karma police, so if you do anything unethical, the rest of your life will likely not go so well until you change from your ways. Remember, we didn’t create spiritual laws; we just call upon them to work for us (and they work for free!)

As you know, the job market is flooded with talent, so here are some tips for successfully working with us:

  • Send a resume, but make it awesome. (It is true, when they stand out it says something… the best resume I received in a past hiring role came with an email that said “Stop your search, I am your next hire” and he was right.)
  • Brag about yourself; but don’t be arrogant We really enjoy working with great people who have done great things personally and professionally.
  • Give examples of your work.
  • Use a cover letter. It can be an email, but tell us why you are looking for work.
  • Include your LinkedIn profile or any other professional social profile. We don’t really want to know what you do on Facebook, but be assured that our HR team will look for one 😉
  • Send it all to NoSlackers@akaim.com
  • Please don’t follow up to ask if we got it as we don’t have time to respond.
  • Don’t submit resumes through any other channel.
  • The first test is submitting the above info correctly.
  • If you know someone who works here and they recommend you, your odds of getting the job are typically higher, but you still have to have skills.
  • If you are an ASU student looking for an Internship, we are registered with the ASU career center, so check it out and look for us.

<<Current Openings>>

Search Marketing Strategist / Digital Marketing Sales Associate (PT & FT) – We are seeking those who understand holistic SEM and can make recommendations using standard analytic tools. Must have 3+ years experience as an SEM analyst and a proven track record. We’ve got leads, we just need pros to consult with them (we don’t hard sell anyone) and of course, you will need to generate leads yourself if you want to make the big bucks.

Online Advertising Sales (PT &FT) – We currently manage sales for an online (dental) directory and we are seeking commission based sales reps who are comfortable making cold calls and have 3+ years of proven sales experience.


The biggest benefit we offer is a fun, laid back environment with room to grow professionally. Currently, our company paid benefits for full time employees include:

  • Paid Vacation (accrues from 1st Day)
  • Paid Sick Leave (accrues from 1st Day)
  • Home Buying Assistance (Access to Our Selected Realtors & Lenders)
  • Access to Accounting, Investment Advisory, and Financial Planning Services
  • Personal & Professional Development Training Opportunities
  • Company Outings (We are big NHRA drag racing fans!)

As we grow, we will add more company paid benefits. In the interim, we offer the following (employee paid) benefits:

    • Discount Health Plans (It’s not insurance but it can save you some money)
    • Dental Plans (Insurance and discount plans)
    • Legal & ID Theft Protection Plans
    • Home & Auto Insurance Discounts
    • Life Insurance