Marketing for Naturopathic Doctors & Holistic Practitioners

Marketing for Naturopathic Doctors & Holistic Practitioners by NaturoPractice

What is NaturoPractice? It is the newest division of Infinion Marketing, design to help naturopathic doctors and other alternative wellness professionals get in front of more patients. It was launched in 2016 by our CEO, Anthony Kirlew (a former pre-med student) who had a life changing encounter with naturopathic medicine after his wife suffered a life threatening adrenal crisis. Along their journey, Anthony and his wife (Nicci) met several amazing holistic and naturopathic doctors. A common theme among all of them was that they had not been taught marketing in school and many were struggling to tell their stories – or better yet – to tell their patients stories of how they overcame all sorts of illnesses through naturopathic medical care.

As a veteran Internet Marketing professional, Anthony went on to help several of these practitioners grow their practices by implementing what he calls “some basic and affordable online marketing strategies” in many cases. Fast forward to 2016; Anthony realized that he had a large (and growing) network of naturopathic doctors and felt compelled to reach out and offer support to this amazing group of people. He started by writing a White Paper called 10 Strategies to Grow Your Holistic Wellness Practice which doctors and other providers can receive just by scheduling a free call with Anthony. Here is the link to book a call with him: http://www.AnthonyKirlew.com/call

Marketing Services for Naturopathic Doctors

Here is a list of services that we offer to the naturopathic medical community:

  • Logo & Brand Development
  • Website Design (Custom and Simple)
  • Local and Mobile Search Marketing (Get found by local patients)
  • Social Media Marketing (Connect with those seeking help in social networks… there are a lot of them!)
  • Paid Search Marketing (Connect with those searching on Google and Bing… and even Facebook!)
  • Blogging (Educate consumers in topics related to health and wellness… be seen as the local health expert!)
  • Public Relations (We can help you get featured in the news!)
  • Email Marketing (Build a prospective patience list to reach on a monthly basis)
  • Business Coaching (need help with ensuring you are making a profit?)

If you have the heart to reach those who are not getting help or answers from the broken / insurance driven medical model, you need to have a marketing plan in place to connect with as they are looking for answers.

We can help you!

To learn more, click here to schedule a complimentary coaching call with Anthony Kirlew and receive his FREE White Paper, 10 Strategies to Grow Your Holistic Wellness Practice.  You will leave the call with a game plan as to the next steps to take to get in front of more customers. We know you didn’t start your practice to become a marketing expert, and we aren’t asking you to. We just want to help you implement some simple “low hanging fruit” strategies to help get your practice out in front of the competition and mostly in front of those seeking the help that you have committed to providing.

Marketing for Naturopathic Doctors