No Time or Money for Social Media Marketing? Read This…

I often meet small business owners who don’t think they can afford to engage in social media, either from a time or moneySocial Media Marketing stand point. I understand the demands of running a business as I have done it for most of my life. In the end we have three choices; we can make the time a priority, pay someone to do it for us, or watch the competition get the customers and online marketshare because they have invested the time or money.

Here are some tips for spending your time and money wisely on social media marketing.

Making Time for Social Media Marketing

Before you “make time” for social media marketing, it’s important that you know what it is you will do during the time you set aside. If you had to focus on just one tactic, I would focus on content creation. This can be in the form of a blog post or a simple video (some people find videos easier.)  And for the video, it can be as simple as a screen capture video where you explain how to do something, either using walking them through it on a website or via a PowerPoint presentation.

Finding content should be pretty easy, especially if you are engaging prospects and customers. Simply answer the questions they are asking, because if one person is asking, chances are someone else has the same questions.

Next assess your social media audiences. Have you created profiles in the primary social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube)? If not, that’s another great place to focus some time.

Lastly, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the message that you want to share with your online communities?
  • What untold story about you business do you want to tell?

Knowing your message so that you can convey it with clarity is crucial to success in all forms of marketing, social media included.

The most important thing before you get started with your social media activities is that you have an action plan so you don’t waste time and spin your wheels. Hopefully, you can sketch out an action plan using the info I have provided above. It’s certainly not all inclusive, but it’s a great start!  If you need help creating a solid social media action plan, I am happy to help you, just reach out and send me a message.

What Should Your Social Media Budget Include

There are several aspects of social media marketing that you can invest your money in. I will list them in order of priority of what needs to be done, then you can assess what you can do on your own and what you need professional help with.

  • Keyword Research. Yes, it’s not just for SEO; your social media marketing plan should be keyword driven and focus on the keywords that your prospects are searching for,
  • Social Media Profile Creation. It’s seems easy enough to set up, but so many people miss out on key elements of the profile, such as effective use of graphics and integration of target keywords.
  • Content Development. If you are not a content creator, that’s ok. You can always find someone to help you create content and no one has to know that you didn’t create it yourself. In fact, my company produces content for many of our clients
  • Community Management. This is the ongoing activities that include posting, responding, and engaging with your online communities. Truth be told, it can be a huge investment of time, as your social networks expand, but if done right, it can pay off by allowing you to grow your prospect and customer base.
  • Paid Social Media Engagement. This includes everything from full Facebook Ad Campaigns to boosting Facebook posts to growing your targeted audience. Paid social media engagement is a great way to get your message out faster through social media if done correctly. It’s also easy to lose lots of money here if you don’t have a solid plan, so tread cautiously.

Affordable Social Media Management

One of the services we offer to small business is our basic social media engagement services. It allows companies to have a presence in social media and start to grow their social footprint without breaking the bank. We have three introductory plans detailed at the bottom of our social media services page, with the introductory package costing less than $10 per day. Would you invest just under $10 per day to grow your business through social media? I know many people spend that much on Starbucks… and I used to be one of them (but I don’t drink coffee anymore.)

That aside, everything we do with regard to social media, we want to tie into your business goals and seek a positive return on your investment. We always start with a phone call, so feel free to contact us or schedule a free consultation.

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