Small Business Social Media Marketing

Social Media Defined: The use of web and mobile technologies to interact with others.

Social Media Marketing Defined:  The use of Social Media to Create Business Relationships that lead to increased revenue.

Social Media is comprised of many different facets such as:

  • Blogs / Forums
  • B2B Social Networks (LinkedIn)
  • Video Sharing Sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest)
  • Personal Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Micro blogging (Twitter)
  • Photo Sharing Sites (Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Bookmarking / Sharing Sites (StumbleUpon)
  • Niche Market Social Media Sites (Active Rain – Real Estate)
  • Mobile / Location Based (Foursquare)
  • Q&A Sites (Quora)


We have identified three phases of effective social media marketing:

Connect – Getting your social media profiles set up correctly is the first step towards successful social media engagement.  The goal is to connect with those you know initially followed by those you don’t know through social networks.

Communicate – Educating your fans and followers in your field of expertise. This reinforces to them that you are the expert they need to turn to or refer when your products or services are needed.  This is accomplished by producing and sharing content that points back to you. It’s NOT about hard selling people or repeatedly posting offers.

Convert – This is one of the most critical steps because no one actually closes business without talking. You have to know how and when to approach your prospects to convert those social interactions to phone calls, then convert those phone calls to new business.

Effectively leveraging social media for your small business requires a strategy and an action plan. You generally won’t have overnight success and you need to be committed to building your brand through consistent exposure and relationship building as that is what leads to success in the social media arena.

Get Started with Our Most Basic Social Media Posting Plans

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