Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly Now More Than Ever

According to a Marketing Land article from February 2014, 60% of the Internet access was mostly mobile, and that number has continued to climb.  A Search Engine Land article in the same month stated that only 6% of Small to Mid Sized Businesses had mobile ready websites and an alarming 45% of those businesses still did not have a website presence at all.

First Things First
If you don’t have a website, you are simply missing out. I understand that some people use Facebook in lieu of a website, but there are a host of reasons that it’s not a good strategy. For starters, you don’t control the environment, but you also limit your growth potential by limiting your content marketing to that venue. And if you are going to launch a website, at this stage, you’d be crazy to not make sure it’s mobile friendly.

Why Mobiles Matter to Search Engines
The goal of a search engine is to provide an end user with the best content match for their query.  It has to:

  • Load fast
  • Render well in whatever device the user has
  • Be indexable (so Google can find it to begin with)

If the user has a bad experience, they won’t stay on your site. The more that happens (people leaving quickly after showing up) the more you start to lose good graces with Google. And you know they track everything, right?

Additionally, the website should:

  • Connect easily with your social networks
  • Facilitate sharing in a mobile environment
  • Be intuitive to the first time user

How to Tell if You are Mobile Ready
First, you can just go to your website in a mobile device and get an idea for what it looks like. If you like what you see, then that’s a good start. Google makes it really easy to see what they see by using their free Mobile Friendly Test tool. Just visit the URL: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ and enter your website address in the box and you will see the results. Below is a screenshot of one of our client sites that passed the test.

Mobile Friendly Test


What To Do if You Fail the Test

If you fail the mobile friendly test, it just confirms that it’s time for a website upgrade. The best solution is to create a responsive website because it will adapt to whatever environment the user is in, whether it’s mobile, tablet, or desktop.

If you’d like a professional to take a look at your website, we would be happy to do that. We have created several amazing, mobile friendly websites for our clients and have been doing so since the early days of the web (1999). Simply contact us if you’d like a no obligation website consultation.

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