WordPress Maintenance Services

Did you know that your WordPress website needs to be kept up to date? You might have heard stories of WordPress being an insecure platform or subject to viruses and hacking. The reality is that any software system can become outdated and therefore vulnerable to a hack.

If your website is built on the WordPress platform, the good news is that you have one of the most robust website platforms on the market. If you or your web designer is not actively maintaining the website, then you also are very likely at risk.

What is Included in WordPress Maintenance Services?

Different companies will offer different levels of service that they refer to as maintenance. One distinction that we like to make is that there are two aspects of your website that need to be managed. The first is the actual WordPress software and it’s related themes and plugins. This is what we keep updated under our WordPress maintenance service plan.

The second area that you need to have updated is the actual content or imagery on your website (also known as webmaster services). One of the big advantages of using WordPress is that you should be able to update the content yourself. If you have some design skills, you may be able to update images, but most likely you will need a web designer or webmaster to assist you here.

In our standard WordPress Maintenance Services, we include the following:

  • Updates to WordPress core. Some website host providers set this to update automatically. While this seems like a good idea, if there are any conflicts with your themes or plugins, they will become inactive once this update is made so we recommend manual updates.
  • Updates to WordPress themes. Themes, like any other software program, can become outdated or vulnerabilities can be discovered. These are addressed via updates from the developer, which need to be implemented. Similar to a core update, a theme update can cause an incompatible plugin to stop working or worse, cause the website to stop functioning properly.
  • Plugin Updates. The plugins are software modules that provide features and enhancements to your website. They are frequently updated by the developers and need to be updated manually to ensure that there are no conflicts with themes or other plugins.
  • eCommerce System Updates. WordPress is powerful as an eCommerce platform. Running eCommerce on your WordPress site gives you another area to keep up to date.
  • Backups. In the unlikely event that your website suffers an attack, the fastest way to restore the website is from a known good backup. Depending on how often your website is updated, will determine how often your website needs to be backed up. In some cases, we will recommend a web hosting provider that provides daily backups and one touch restoration to make life simple and keep your maintenance costs down.

If your web designer has left you high and dry or never discussed website maintenance with you, we’d love the opportunity to help you make sure your website stays up to date and secure.

Our monthly WordPress Maintenance Services start at $27 per month and are handled through a trusted partner, iMark Interactive. To learn more about WordPress maintenance options, please visit this link.